Collection: 2g Disposables

2g VVS Liquid Diamond Bars - Night Night Blend

We have infused Liquid diamonds into the Night Night Blend of Delta 8, THC-A, and THC-P for a unique twist and an unforgettable experience.

2g Live Resin Bar Disposables - Fire Fire Fire Blend

Our in-house developed blend of D11, D9, and THC-P cannabinoids crafted utilizing the latest extraction and blending processes is Fire Fire Fire!


    Choose options from our Fire Fire Fire Blend or Night Night Blend. Find your perfect blend and profile with our wide selection of delta 8 disposable devices.

  • User-Friendly Device

    One button operation for preheat and draw. Simple and easy to enjoy.

  • Quick Power Up

    USB C port featuring quick charging for continued on-the-go use.

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