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Certificate of Analysis (COA)

2g Fresh Frozen Disposable - Heady Blend

2g Dual Device Disposable - HHC & Friends

2g Live Resin Bar Disposables - Fire Fire Fire Blend

2g VVS Liquid Disposable - Night Night Blend

3g Live Shatter Bar - HHC Blend

3g Live Sugar Disposables- Rizz Mix

2g Fresh Frozen Cartridges - Heady Blend

2g Live Shatter Cartridges - HHC Blend

2g Live Resin Cartridges - Fire Fire Fire Blend

2g VVS Liquid Cartridges - Night Night Blend

2g Live Sugar Cartridges - Rizz Mix

3g Fresh Frozen Badder - Heady Blend

3000mg Live Resin Belts - Fire Fire Fire Blend

3000mg VVS Diamond Belts- Night Night Blend

7500 mg Live Sugar Edibles - Rizz Mix

1000mg Fresh Frozen - Heady Blend

2 pack live resin shields

Bussdown Jawn - Pre-Rolls

3.5g Snowballs

Mini mart 1g Disposable